Yoritomo no Miyumi

Solar Zenith bound by marriage (or fate) to the service of House Cathak and the Elemental Dragon Hesiesh.


Caste: Zenith Nature: Architect


Strength – 2 Dex – 2 Stamina – 3


Charisma – 4 Manipulation – 3 Appearance – 4


Perception – 3 Intelligence – 3 Wits – 3


Dawn : Martial Arts – 3 Melee – 3

Night : Awareness – 3 Dodge – 3 Stealth – 3

Zenith: Endurance – 3 Performance – 3 Presence – 3 Resistance – 3 Survival – 2

Eclipse: Linguistics – 3 (Old Realm, High Realm, Riverspeak, Low Realm) Ride – 2

Twilight: Lore – 3 Occult – 3


Compassion – 2 Conviction – 2 Temperance – 3 Valor – 2

Willpower : 5 Essence: 3 Personal Pool: 11 Peripheral Pool: 28


Artifact: 1 Familiar: 3 Resources: 3 Contacts: 1

Charms: Sorcery (Death of Obsidian Butterflies) Ox body Technique


Miyumi is from an essentially mixed background. As a child from a pairing of someone from the Southeast and the East, the values and the manner in which she sees the world is different, even for one of the Solar Exalted. Calm and soft spoken, she believes in the importance of tradition and ceremony, but at the same time sees these things as being a common bond in all cultures. Deviant by the standards of others, she seeks to one day build or shape a community which is ruled neither by any single set of customs or traditions, but the tolerance of many instead.

Although born initially in the Southeast (for reasons stemming from the cultural belief of the importance of love in marriage and the necessity of sacrifice of one partner to stay there until her birth to represent this fact), Miyumi was taken to the East. It was near Lookshy where her exaltation first took place, struck amidst an attempted raid on their caravan as it approached. Some say it was the emergence of that bright light which blinded those raiding – allowing for time for aid to come.

Yoritomo no Miyumi

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